Arise (Part 2) The Mountian Shall Become a Molehill

14338314493_7affe6017a_zGod’s Word is  exact. His authority is like no other. When He awakens us out of our sleep, we clearly see. 

God called you to a great work. Awake out of your sleep and see what the Lord has done. The angels of the Lord stands before you to assume the territory, to which your hands are called to perform.  God provides a ceaseless supply of oil–His anointing. It’s by His Spirit that all things come into existence.

O great mountain of human obstacles, though you planted yourself in the mist to hinder the plan of God, you shall become a plain–a mere molehill!

Finish the work you have started.  Do not get weary in well doing.  Your hands shall finish the work. At the appointed time, you shall know that the Lord has done this for you.

In God, all things are accomplished. Without God, man runs out of time.

Reference scripture: Zechariah 4


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