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You Are Pregnant with Promise

Welcome! No religious pontificating here! Leo Carter, is the Senior Pastor and founder of Perfecting Praise Ministries. He is able to meet you where you are and give guidance by the leading of the Holy Spirit.

He addresses the issues of today concerning men and women [young and old]. It is not church as usual, it is not a religious aspect, but God’s perspective on matters of today. It is the principles of God and the will of God that we are safe.



What is the Greater Currency That Goes Through Your Mind?

by Pastor Leo Carter

  • Strength of will verses God‘s Will
  • Unconscious verses Conscious

The lesson delineated during Open Forum comes from the book of Job, chapter 42–an epic story. Job, a righteous and wealthy man, who was sought out by the devil. The devil’s hypotheses was that Job was only serving God for things.

After chapter 38, God had to asked Job where was he when He performed His great wonders. Although there may be scoffers and naysayers, the believer cannot serve God in self-denial. In spite of what we are going through, God must be God. The mind must be stable enough to engage the will of God, and not our feelings.

Believer, the mind fluctuates and can be unstable based on the currency that flows through it. You must ask yourself, “What is the greater currency that goes through my mind?”  Are your thoughts of good things; things that are reputable, pure, etc?  If we are not careful, feelings will interrupt the will of God, which will inevitably dictate what you do next. When we do something based on emotions or feelings, God cannot be glorified.

The believer must have confidence in God. We must be cognoscenti of an ontologically view of how our life is moving and not rest with a practical view of processes.

Question: Is it a western culture to first expect God to stimulate with things before the mind can conceive that He can initially perform His works? Just because we don’t see it or feel it, doesn’t mean that His word is not true.

Although the believer may have s an empirical view of  God, confusion cannot be mistaken for revelation. Our will must be syncopated and synchronized the will of God. Our unconscious mind cannot supersede the consciousness of God in us.


From the Cave

by Pastor Leo Carter

Praise the Lord, this is the day that the Lord has made. Today, I would like to speak to the women of God. Let me be clear and say that men are often misunderstood. If you investigate the word of God carefully, you must ask yourself, why did Elisha run into a cave from Jezebel? After all, he had just confronted fifty prophets with no fear. God asked him a question like he does with all men, why are you here what are you doing in this cave? I am not an expert on men; however, being a male for 53 years I have some experience. It’s important that we pay attention to the question God asked Elisha, what are you doing here?

Here are some reasons why men run into caves:

  1. fear of failure
  2. a sinful life
  3. lack
  4. a scornful woman
  5. conflict with a woman
  6. feeling worthless
  7. a controlling women

I only gave 7 things, however, there are other reasons. I have been married for 27 years–marriage works. Please understand that marriage is an institution of God, and anytime one of Gods principles are violated the marriage is headed for trouble. Loving our wives like Christ loved the church and gave his life is a very important principle. Women being submissive is equally important. Men don’t like being threaten by a man or a women, however, when it’s a women, our brain flips, or we go to the primitive part of the brain. This is what I believe Elisha did: when a man enters that part of the brain, he either fights, or takes flight. What women want to do is talk, bad move– we will talk when we are ready. If you try to force us to talk, we will think that number 7 is at work.

I pray that this will help you, by no means, is this the answer to all the problems in our marriage or with men.From the desk of Pastor Leo Carter.  Join Pastor Leo at:

Click Here http//   – Men Are The Most Understood Being



5 thoughts on “Desk Of Pastor Leo Carter

  1. I love this, more women can learn from men. women typically get advice from another women. Most of the articles written: How to please your man, How to have the best sex, How to get a man to respond, etc, are written by women. To learn men, you have to be taught by a man.

    I concur that no man wants a brawling women. A man wants a women who will support him, and if he falls, will she be there to support him, and not use it against him.
    Awesome Pastor Leo!

  2. Awesome, I thank God that we have a ministry that prepares the women and men of God for the real world. I thank God that I can be humble enough and learn something another women can not teach me which is the life of a man. I thank God for my Pastor Leo’s experience and sharing it with us women.

  3. Dear Pastor Leo,

    Greetings to you in the name of Jesus,
    We have read your wonderful ministries words. We are praying for you and your family and your Ministry. We would like to become a partnership with you and with you Ministry. In the of December 20th 28th 2011. We are planning to arrange the Pastors conference and outreach Revival meetings so by this time you are welcoming you and your family to preach and teach the God message in the midst of the Indian people and pastors.

    Please come to India to teach and preach midst of us. This is what God is going to plan with you and with your beloved family please pray for these Meetings. I and my wife and the Pastors fellowship would like to invite you as one of main speaker of any one of the above meetings. We would like to you hear your sound full message in India. May the grace of the lord Jesus be with you and your beloved children and your church people and my love to all of you in Christ Jesus! We will be pleased to hear from you soon,
    Yours in Christ
    Pastor John Prasad
    Aids Global Children Ministries
    Please visit our

  4. praise the Lord dearest servants of the Lord please…
    am pastor Enos of Jesus Restoration ministry here Kenya_Africa,
    have been graced to visit your ministry website and i have each and every reason to praise the lord for the Great and wonderful things the Lord is doing over there and to the entire world through you dearest please thank you and may the Lord continue doing you well dearest please,
    please just wanted to pass my trustworthy greetings to you and also let you know that through your ministry there you are touching many me inclusive dearests in the lord servants with me please.
    and a above all servants of the Lord to plead with you please as i invite you over here to share the love of the Lord and above all please extend your touching missions up here dear as we join our hands together for the Glory of the Lord please.
    will be gratefully waiting to read from you dearest as i look forward to reading from you please for the Glory of the Lord.
    Pastor Enos.

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