Tarran is an Executive Pastor at Perfecting Praise Ministries (PPM) and wife to her high school sweetheart and Senior Pastor of PPM, Leo Carter. Tarran has two lovely daughters, La’Shorn and Leola. She is also an Executive Coaching Manager and author of her new book “Spiritually Wounded-Spiritually Strong: Victim No More.”  A book that will touch the heart of many women.

Tarran has mentored and coached women into success. She is not a novice. Her mission is to teach, preach, and witness healing and deliverance that women from all walks of life are healed from past abuse and pain. Precious Jewels is headed up by a dynamic board of women. These women work along side Pastor Tarran to reinforce her vision as they head up the workshops and services. The goal is restoration a life changing experience for all who attend or become actively involved.

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Contact Information: 61 North Grove Street

Freeport New York 11520 516 632-9948

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