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Emotionally Wounded– Spiritually Strong: Victim No More

Includes 7-Healing Prescriptions

Have you ever been sexually abused? I was and I lived to talk about it. Emotionally Wounded uncovers what most dare to talk about. Not only does this book reveal the hidden secretes of my life, it is also guide to deliverance, peace and, Joy.

Have you ever been asked the question “Why does bad things happen to good people?” I have asked this question myself. Emotionally Wounded explains how the devil rules the kingdom of this earth. Because of the fall of man, the devil obtained legal rights to release sickness and evil in the earth. Genesis 3; Revelations 12 talks about this. By studying these books and chapters you will see that the devil had the gumption to make a deal with the serpent. Now it is important to know that when the devil fell from heaven (flung from heaven – AMP Bible) he went after the women. Why? because she carries the seed and that seed is you and me.

Thank God for Jesus. He came to bring life and abundant living. Therefore; Jesus has healed and set us free. EmotionallyWounded also delineates the enemies strategies: principalities, Rulers of Darkness, Wickedness in HighPlaces.

Find the healing prescriptions through prayer and declaration. Methodically broken down, the healing process takes new shape as it illustrates how God heals in the bleakest of situations.

From victim to victor, author Tarran Carter overcame the enemy. Shirking clinical and medical terms, this pastor speaks with great knowledge–simplistically and from the heart about her experiences and her journey back to health. The Lord gave her a strategic plan to take back her family and the kingdom, and she is still using it to this day. She wants to share with you the tools for restoration.

Today, many abuse cases are not reported. Victim No More encourages those emotional instabilities caused by sexual abuse. It speaks directly to those who are throttled in pain and have never talked or are afraid to deal with mixed emotions due to abuse.

Tarran Carter is the executive Pastor of Perfecting Praise Ministries. She graduated from International Theological Seminary of California with a degree in Christian education. Pastor Carter is an executive coach and has a background HR,  she is a mother of two lovely girls and the wife of Senior Pastor Leo Carter

Emotionally Wounded–Spiritually Strong: Victim No More will bless your soul and spirit. Look for it soon. Recommend it to friends and family.

The author walks you through a journey–Victim to Victor. A powerful and engaging read



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Highly Recommended

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Posted March 25, 2011, 8:19 AM EST: Reviews have already been reported that women reading this book begin to experience the healing process. Some have said “Today I deal with issues I have never been able to deal with.” I strongly suggest this book for you or a loveone.

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Great read very engaging!

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Posted March 26, 2011, 7:09 PM EST: This book was a very engaging read, peaked interest from the beginning to end. Book will help anyone because of the strength of the word of God, readers will experience healing, transfomation, teaching and the will to live a refreshing changed life. The story line is awesome and invites readers to know that their is healing from the most emotional wounded scars of life. I would recommend this because author taught me personally that their is hope! I know the goal of this book will acheieve what it’s purpose is and that is to help anyone who reads it.

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Posted March 29, 2011, 4:45 PM EST: Emotionally Wounded Spiritually Strong is a very real and empowering book.The author chose to be transparent which is why the healing process was successful and healing prevailed. This book is of a journey of transformation from a victim to a victorious person. The veil of secrecy over sexual abuse has been removed, through this book, never to be covered again. These pages will encourage those who have gone through abuse and those now struggling with this bondage. I suggest all read this book because knowledge is power. God has ordained this book for such a time as this.

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Emotionally Wounded Spiritually Strong by Tarran Carter

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