TRIVIA Answers


2000 President Bill Clinton

World War ÏÏ Battle of Berlin, 440 Royal Air Force planes bomb Berlin causing only light damage and killing 131. The RAF loses nine aircraft and 53 air crew

Disney Character

From the 1990, lead actors

The American President
Michael Douglas
Annette Bening

Forget Paris
Billy Crystal
Debra Winger

Fools Rush In
Matthew Perry
Salma Hayek


November 11th

1. Stops stuffy noise – Sex

2. First novel ever written on typewrite – Tom Sawyer

3. Famous American sport invented by a Canadan who was working for the YMCA. – Basketball

October 27th

1. The Theorist is Charles Darwin

2. White House Christmas Tree, also known as the Blue Room Christmas Tree, is the official indoor Christmas tree at the residence of the President of the United States, the White House. The first indoor Christmas tree was installed in the White House sometime in the 19th century (there are varying claims as to the exact year) and since 1961 the tree has had a themed motif at the discretion of the First Lady of the United States.

3. Executed because it was against national interest.

4.  The Stock Exchange started out as a Tontine coffee house. 


October 19,2012


Answer: Mae Jemison was the first black woman in space, traveling aboard the SS Endeavor in 1992 for a total of 190 hours. For more info, check out today’s notes!


Answer: Woodstock in NY

The most famous small town in America is Woodstock, NY? Many people think that the 1969 Woodstock Festival was the beginning of Woodstock being known as the  ”Colony of the Arts” but that festival was just one event in a long history of creativity in the Catskills for over a century. In 1902 a utopian community was founded on 1200 acres in Woodstock New York as a mecca for artists to live and work communally. It is now called The Woodstock Byrdcliffe Guild and its purpose 100 years later is the same. Today there are 33 of the original 35 Arts and Crafts style buildings that made up the colony and are set on 250 acres. Byrdcliffe comes alive in summer with residencies for artists. Byrdcliffe houses and fosters the creativity of its artists in their private studios. Some of the cottages are available for rent year round but most are seasonal, the caveat is, you must be a working artist to live in Byrdcliffe. Scholarships are available for the artists in residence program since the primary goal of the colony is to foster and subsidize expenses for the creative spirit. Byrdcliffe supports both visual and performing artists.


Abraham & Straus (or A&S) was a major New York City department store, based in Brooklyn. Founded in 1865, in 1929. It became part of Federated Department Stores, which eliminated the A&S brand shortly after its 1994 acquisition of

Answer: :A&S became Macy’s & Sterns 


department store chain in the New York metropolitan area. Catering to low- and middle-income consumers, it offered discounted designer fashions and high-quality private label goods. At its height, the company operated 16 stores. Its advertising slogan was “You’ll find Alexanders has what you’re looking for; how lucky can you get?!”  

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October 13, 2012

I am Petra (rock)

My Name Is Sr.Issac Newton

The date was 1967