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Restoration: From Jacob to Israel

The message–I am in a quagmire — I have Laban behind me and I got Esau in front of me; but, I am in the center where God wants me– I can’t take the side road. I have to be obedient and follow the Lord–He is with me. It is my breakthrough: from Joacobism to Israel, which is governed and ruled by God. The lesson: we will all have to experience a situation that is so great. It is a premiere moment where the situation in front us and the situation be hind us is greater than all of our abilities– but we must cling to God!

Arise (Part 2) The Mountian Shall Become a Molehill

14338314493_7affe6017a_zGod’s Word is  exact. His authority is like no other. When He awakens us out of our sleep, we clearly see. 

God called you to a great work. Awake out of your sleep and see what the Lord has done. The angels of the Lord stands before you to assume the territory, to which your hands are called to perform.  God provides a ceaseless supply of oil–His anointing. It’s by His Spirit that all things come into existence.

O great mountain of human obstacles, though you planted yourself in the mist to hinder the plan of God, you shall become a plain–a mere molehill!

Finish the work you have started.  Do not get weary in well doing.  Your hands shall finish the work. At the appointed time, you shall know that the Lord has done this for you.

In God, all things are accomplished. Without God, man runs out of time.

Reference scripture: Zechariah 4

Arise, Lift Up Yours Eyes and See!

Arise–rise to a new life. Shine, the glory of the Lord has risen upon you.

Shake off depression and prostration in which circumstances have kept you. Old things are behind you, and new things are now before you. Lift up your eyes round about you and see the glory of God. He has made you a promise. Favor is yours to obtain–pleasure and goodwill. God’s love and mercy is your portion.  He will send help!  The angels of the Lord will marshal the borders and sphere of influence on your behalf.  Strangers will build up you walls and sustain you.  Your days of frustration is over.

Therefore, lift up you head and rejoice for your help is near.  Look to the Lord–He is you redeemer and strong tower. Raise up your shield and offensively stand with your shield of faith and sword of the spirit. Speak to the mountains in your life and command them to move.  You are in a win-win situation– no matter what it appears to be, trust the Lord. With the Lord, you will always be the head and not the tail.

Reference scripture Isaiah 60

July | August 2014

11MagazineCover-July-AugDaphne Louise Blunt recently starred as Emma in the new Nickelodeon show “The Thundermans.”  Blunt is the face of Fanlala.com, where she regularly interviews celebrities on the red carpets of Hollywood.  Girls Against Gangs: GirlsFLI, WFLI Woman’s Fund of Long Island. Forbes report on Top Colleges in America. Sport Culture: America and the World Cup. Have An Emotional Fit Summer. College Awareness: Attention 9th & 10th Graders. Book NOOK, News, Melia Obama’s first Job, Fashion tips and more!