TARRAN CARTER: An Entrepreneur


Vision Castor – A Cultural Upgrade


The signs of a tumultuous year was evident. On Monday, September 15, 2008, The New York Times published a post that got the attention of many “Frantic day on WallStreet.” The post indicated that Merrill Lynch agreed to sell itself to Bank of America for roughly $50 billion to avert a deepening financial crises, while another prominent security firm, Lehman Brothers, filled for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

Experiencing  the downturn of this economical crises, I experienced my greatest fear while working at a law firm in Manhattan. Months later I was laid off from  the firm, which was located just a block a from Wall  Street and a few blocks from the once–twin towers.  As one of the executives of the firm, my position was one of the first to go. Quintessential speaking,  firms were reporting the pandemonium within their companies, and the firm that I worked for was not exempt. Our investors had made several bad investments and decided to pull out leaving most of the employees jobless.

Tragically, the Wall Street crash was responsible for putting 12 million people out of work in the US, 12,000 people were being laid off every day. Over 20,000 companies went bankrupt and 23,.000 American committed suicide in the year following the crash.   I was also greatly affected –I could not find work.  No one wanted to pay me what I was making from my last employment as an executive career development officer and director of HR. I even tried to look for work as a training manager, which I have an extensive background in–still no offers or return calls.

Consequently, I nestled down and wrote a book “Emotionally Wounded Spirituality Strong,” after it was published I went on book tours.  A year later, I went back into the field that I originally went to college for: Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). I actually worked on few projects for interior design. I kept an open mind to assume a new career–anything to be bring in income.

Soon after, I asked God to direct and orchestrate new methodologies for opportunities and creative thinking.  Subsequently, He gave me my new business: RAY OF LIGHT CENTRAL, which led to the publication of DREAM TEEN Magazine. The read is for ages 8 and up. DREAM TEEN brings the stories of our youth–achievers, entrepreneurs and CEO’s to life. We feature their stories and offer a star program allowing them visit the studio and glam team for a professional shoot that enhances their article. Today I am moving forward with my dreams and determine to let nothing stop me. I enjoy working with our future and excited about their dreams.

Work History

Consultant – A Vision Incorporator

Tarran Carter is an experienced management consultant, adroit speaker, and executive with expertise in human capital and cultural change management. She helps small to mid-size companies organizations achieve their goals through more effective human capital strategy management.  Few companies recognize that their company’s culture can  be the success or failure of their organization. Often, the culture originally developed does not fit  the current organizational need. Or worse, the culture the founder thought he/she created is not what they actually have.  Some organizations have no idea that hiring, compensation or general business practices had anything much to do with the organization’s culture.

Working as an executive officer has allowed me the  liberty to assess several organizations.  Consequently, a common result in divergence between what the founder and CxOs say they have or  want as a culture, and what their practices actually are. Too often, there is only lip service to some policies –actual policies are not honored or executed.

Every day companies face challenges. Seemgly minor problems undermine performance, Small issues devour time and energy. Common symptoms of organizational issues that limit such, sch as vision, strategy, goals, and execution ambiguous  or misaligned.

  • Managers are not consistently effective
  • The right people are not hired or retained
  • Performance management is inadequate

Vision casting and cultural overhauling  requires a lot of tough actions and huge amounts of time as well as effort. Some cases have been extreme–however,  they are the common issue that I have wittinessed in management. My expertise in human capital for entrepreneurship, solopreneurs, and executives stopped financial losses and made great  progress in setting the organization up for future success. My training programs to align the culture and policies through actual practices has proven to be a critical success. Not only have I coached managers, I have also coached executives and lawyers, giving them the strategies to cast vision and manage goals so that each are executed. Hiring the right people is essential, retaining employment to eliminate high turnover is paramount.  Employee  turnover has reduced through the advanced cultural training program:

  • New Methodologies
  • Positive Thinking
  • Innovated Techniques
  • Leadership Exemplification
  •  leadership and management development support teams



Ray Of Light Central 

Ray of Light a non-profit organization 501(3)(c) program

Ray of Light was founded July 2012 and birth from its original program, Little Jewels–a teen program for girls; its founder, Tarran Carter.

Ray of Light is a youth enrichment program that is focused on the education, social and spiritual needs of its community.  There are three age appropriate groups:

Little Jewels – Teen girls, ages 13-18 years of age
Young Men of Distinction – 8-13 years of age
Daughters of Esther 8-12 years of age

Mission Statement

Ray of light is a faith-based enrichment and mentoring educational program. We are a team of mentors and coaches whose purpose is to enrich individuals and families with resources necessary for student and career development. Ray of Light will mentor to help develop a well-rounded student promoting academic and career excellence.

Vision Statement

Ray of Light’s vision is to establish, restore and sustain wholeness in lives of individuals and families. Our objective is to mentor the young while they still have dreams and goals.


Ray of Light Central is the hub for Little Jewels, Young Men of Distinction, and Daughters of Esther. Its board members are active in the community in which they work and live.





DREAM TEEN is described in on word, ‘SENSATIONAL,’ – taking our youth to their future.

DREAM TEEN is a digital and print by order magazine that captures the young achiever and brings them to the forefront.

DREAM TEEN inspires through featured stories. We bring these accomplishments to the pages of each issue.

DREAM TEEN is a team of talented contributors and team members, each working toward the goal to showcase our future. Each issue is enriched with captivating photos, articulate articles an artisan layout. This all presents a sensation magazine for our teens and our youth.

DREAM TEEN Magazine – Taking our youth to their future. www.dreamspand.wordpress.com